The order can be placed via a website, e-mail, on social networks or contact our consultant by phone.

Delivery time 1-2 business days, so that the order is delivered on the day of placing the order, it must be placed by 19:00.

The following payment methods are available:

-credit card

-online payment

-Bank transfer

-Pay Pal

-Tho on delivery in the store

In addition to Hel, all latex balloons are filled with a special gel, which extends the time of floating balloons to 3-4 days.

Foil balloons made of undisputed mikopolia have different properties - they will float much longer - lasting from the shape (from a week to a month).

Some factors have a negative impact on the durability of balloons and can shorten their floating time.


-Air conditioning

-Caporation of balloons for a longer period of time at too low or high temperature

-Ablans and compression of the balloon

-Creatment of heat and sunlight sources

Of course! We add a ticket to each order with any inscription.

Yes, if you didn't like none of our ready bouquets or balloon sets, contact us and give the details of your order.

We attach a card with instructions on how to care for a bouquet and flowers in a box to each bouquet.

The most important rules on how to extend the freshness of flowers:

-Floats should be watered

-Cap the ends

-Cap from the radiators and other heat sources away