Helium balloons

The price of one helium balloon depends on its size and type of balloon. Learn more about the value of a specific balloon through contact with our managers.

The duration of lifting a balloon with helium depends on several factors, such as balloon size, ambient temperature, air humidity and helium gas quality. Depending on these factors, the balloon with helium may stay in the air from several hours to a week.

Yes, ordinary balloons can be filled with helium, but they will not float as long as balloons specially designed for filling helium. Hel balloons are specially designed and made to better hold helium gas, which allows you to float in the air longer.

The balloon with helium stops floating, because the helium gas is lighter than the air and over time gradually escapes from the balloon, and the air replaces it in the balloon. Along with this, the strength of raising the balloon decreases, which makes it start to fall.

Yes, the delivery of helium balloons at Giftbar is available to order. You can order them in Warsaw online or contact the store to learn more about the delivery option.

We offer decorations for banquet rooms with balloons. Contact us to learn more about decorative services from balloons. You can also use ready -made sets presented in our website.

Yes, we offer rubber and plastic balloons with a name that can be ordered for special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, baby shower and many others.