Flowers with delivery

Flower delivery already on the day of placing the order in Warsaw costs PLN 25. However, if you want to send flowers outside Warsaw, to a maximum distance of 20 km, the cost of delivery will be calculated individually. In this case, please contact our store, provide the delivery address and information about the order, and our employees will present you the cost of delivery and terms of the order.

The number of roses may have different meanings depending on the circumstances and color of the flowers. One rose symbolizes simplicity, but also the mystery and indefiniteness of relationships. Three roses are often a way to express strong emotions and feelings. Five roses are associated with gratitude and respect. Twelve or more pink symbolizes the fullness and perfection of love.

101 Roses are usually a symbol of unconditional love, passion, recognition and respect. This amount of roses is considered very special and is often offered on the occasion of exceptional jubilees, such as the wedding anniversary, an important anniversary of the relationship, the birth of a child. 101 Roses are also a common choice for engagement or for special occasions, such as Valentine's Day.

To increase the durability of flowers, you must first put them in clean water, which will be changed regularly. Flowers should be kept away from direct sunlight and heat sources such as radiators. It is also worth using special water preparations that extend the durability of flowers. You should also remove the leaves that are under the water level to avoid bacterial growth.

Flowers can be packed in different ways, depending on your preferences and needs. They can be packed in a traditional bouquet or basket, as well as in a box. Depending on the occasion, the flowers can be packed in elegant paper or decorative foil, as well as ribbons. It is worth remembering that the right packaging helps to keep fresh flowers in good condition and emphasizes their beauty.

Personal pickup is available between 10:00 and 19:00, at: Aleja Solidarność 95/99, Lu 5 00-144 Warsaw.

Description: Flowers with Giftbar delivery are an excellent option for people who want to give a beautiful gift to a loved one, but they don't have time to deliver it personally.